Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas beauty tips!


Here are a few Christmas beauty tips based on holiday characters from popular Christmas tales. You might not want to look round like Frosty or furry like the Grinch, but you'll actually find both of these characters on this creative Christmas list. Read on for the crazy Christmas beauty tips inspired by beloved Christmas characters.

Red Nose
This is one of the best Christmas beauty tips for those who spend the winter suffering from a red nose. Unless you're planning on leading Santas sleigh, you want to keep that redness away. Remember that the Rankin/Bass version of Rudolph did try to cover up his nose before realizing that it was useful. Unfortunately, there's really no benefit to having a red nose. To deal with this issue, always make sure that your purse is equipped with moisturizer, concealer, and lots of lotion-infused tissue. Try using a green-tinted concealer to counteract the redness, and keep your nose covered with a scarf whenever you're outside in the cold winter air.

Charcoal as Eyeliner

This beauty tip is based on Frosty the Snowman, who had "two eyes made out of coal." However, you definitely shouldn't use those two lumps of coal you got in your stocking as eyeliner. Instead you can try using activated charcoal pills as eye makeup. Just break open a pill and pour the contents out onto a plate or jar lid. Dip a moist eyeliner brush into the charcoal, swirl it around, and apply. You might want to break open a bunch of capsules and store the contents inside a separate container so you don't waste a whole pill each time you do this.

Beware What You Put on Your Face
Remember that scene in "Home Alone" where Kevin McAllister slaps aftershave on his face and screams? You shouldn't be applying certain substances to your skin during the wintertime. All those toners and harsh cleansers might be drying it out. You can actually use oils like extra virgin olive oil to remove your makeup and wash your face, and you might need to switch to a thicker moisturizer. Your skin needs a few extra barriers to keep that cold, dry air from getting in.

Get Grinchy
If you're looking for a way to treat dry skin, try going green. You definitely don't want to be covered in green fur like the mean Grinch, but there's nothing wrong with making yourself temporarily resemble the villain. Just mash up an avocado and mix it with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to create a moisturizing face mask. Slather it on and leave it on for 30 minutes. 

Sugar Plum
Look for a sparkly purple dress to pair with tights and ballet flats or boots. You can also look for purple glitter nail polish and sparkly purple eyeshadow. Everyone will be wearing red and green to holiday parties, so why not try to stand out from the crowd while still channeling a popular Christmas character?

Look Very Merry
You should definitely brighten up your face with a little rose-colored blush. It will give you a cute flushed look that will make you look like you just came back from a fun snowball fight. Just don't overdo it—you don't want to end up looking like a Christmas clown.

Friday, November 7, 2014

New Joico Products

We are thrilled to introduce these three new Joico products to the salon! Who doesn't love new products? We have had the opportunity to try these out and see the difference they make to our clients hair. We are absolutely in love with them! Because we love them we want you to love them too! This month only try two of these for the price of only $20. We are also throwing in the Joico K-Pak Restorative Styling Oil into this great deal.

FLIP TURN- This amazing finishing spray will add volume, texture, and shine to your hair while protecting against humidity and heat styling.

IRONCLAD- This thermal protectant spray will guard against humidity, frizz, and static for up to 72 hours.

K-PAK RESTORATIVE STYLING OIL- This featherweight oil will provide moisture, strength, shine, and softness to your hair.

HEAT SET- This blow dry perfecting creme will reduce your drying time, detangle and defrizz while adding heat protection.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beautiful sugar skull makeup for halloween!

Halloween's coming up and if you haven't decided on a costume yet, you should seriously consider doing some sugar skull makeup on your face! It really isn't as hard as it seems - it just depends on how intricate you'd like it to be. Watch tutorials online and you'll definitely get a better understanding of how to create these cool looks. Check out pinterest also for some great ideas. 








Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recreating the same look!

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you are capable of recreating your salon hairstyle. Let’s talk about them so you can finally master styling your hair the way you have been dreaming of.


One of the easiest steps in recreating your salon hairstyle at home is to take some pictures of your hair the day you have it done. Take a picture of your hair from the front, the side and the back. It can be very helpful to go back and look at photos when you are attempting to recreate the style. Without pictures, you have no point of reference.

As your hairstylist is styling your hair, take some notes. When you notice something she is doing that you did not realize was part of the styling process, put it in your phone notes. It is easy to key them in and save. You can read them later when you need the reminder of how to style your hair.


Products do make a difference, ladies. You don’t have to buy every hair product that your hairstylist uses on your hair but you should buy the ones that really make a difference. Ask her which products she recommends for you. You won't believe how easy it is to recreate your look at home with the proper products!


You cannot expect a low end hair tool to perform as well as a high end hair tool. There are exceptions but for the most part, it is true. Figure out the flat iron your hair stylist was using and giving you the sleek, soft look when you left the salon. It would be a good idea to buy the same hair tool and have much better luck with recreating the salon style.


It’s okay to ask questions. Your hairstylist will not mind. She loves doing hair and making women feel good about themselves. Asking questions can make a big difference. It means the difference between guessing and feeling confident in a new styling technique. Asking questions can clear up any confusion you may have.


Tutorials can be helpful in learning to style your hair. there are tutorials for almost anything you can imagine on YouTube, including hairstyles. If you know that your hairstylist used some root teasing to give you the look you love, do a search for that technique. You can do this for many different hairstyle techniques. An advantage to this is that you can do this at your own pace and watch it as many times as you need to.


If you are really struggling to recreate your salon hairstyle at home and it’s important to you, go back for a teaching session. Ask if there is a time you can come in and receive some individualized instruction. Of course you will need to compensate her for her time and be sure to tell her that you will do so up front. This one-on-one time can make all the difference. You will leave the salon feeling confident in your styling techniques.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Better Makeup


For some girls, it’s tough to find the reason as to why your makeup is just not looking right, so here are a few tips to make your makeup look better and more flattering. There are some very common mistakes that are made when it comes to applying makeup. The easiest way to learn about makeup application is through YouTube videos, blogs, and other beauty sources. You can also schedule a makeup lesson at the salon to give you hands on education. 


Blending is one of the most important things to do when it comes to makeup application. Failing to blend your makeup will result in harsh lines and an unnatural look. You want your makeup to blend with your skin. Blend your foundation, eye shadow, concealer and blushes and keep it as natural as possible.


Getting your eyebrows done will make a huge difference to your face. Clean eyebrows will create an even nicer shape to your face as well. Once they’re all cleaned up, it’s easier to fill
in your eyebrows to make them nice and defined. You can use a pencil or powder to fill them in. This will make your makeup look flawless. 

Contouring and highlighting will create an optical illusion to make your nose appear slimmer, cheekbones defined, and entire face as well. The contour is a shade or two darker than your skin tone, and should be matte. As long as you do this carefully and blend, this will make your makeup look even better.


Lipstick and glosses are beautiful on their own, but adding lip liner will make such a difference. When you line your lips, your lips appear bigger and more defined. Make sure the liner is the same shade as the lipstick you use. Apply some gloss on top and you will be all set.

One very common mistake when it comes to makeup application is the foundation shade. It’s very hard to find a shade that matches us individually. Make sure you test the color in natural light, because different lighting can sometimes be deceiving. The right foundation shade for you will make your face look natural and you won’t have two different skin tones on your face and neck.


Some people aren’t aware of the fact that skincare does change the way your makeup applies. Washing your face and taking care of your skin will make a difference. Your makeup will apply way more flawlessly and will give an airbrushed effect, along with the fact that you will have minimized pores, less blemishes and smoother skin. Make sure you take your makeup off at night, cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize regularly.

Along with the right foundation shade, it’s also good to choose colors that will bring out your individual tones. The colors of your shadows, lipsticks and blushes should flatter your eyes and skin tone. If you have brown or dark eyes, go for warm colors. If you have light eyes and a lighter complexion, go for cool tones.

Another important rule to makeup application is not overdoing it. Too much makeup takes away from our natural beauty. We use makeup to enhance our look, rather than create it. Apply your makeup with a light hand. It’s always best to pick up little amounts of product and build it up appropriately. That way you don’t apply too much and will have trouble blending.

For those who don’t know, primer is applied before any makeup. This makes your makeup go on better and last longer. Some primers also minimize the look of pores. This creates a smooth and even base for your foundation. Setting your makeup can be done with a spray or powder. This will also ensure long lasting makeup, as well as prevent it getting oily throughout the day.




Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Longer Hair

If you’re looking for some tips for growing out your hair, here are some great options to help you along the way. Growing your hair out comes down to pure science. After that, it is quite simple. No worries, you don’t need to resort to pricey extensions to get those long, luxurious locks.

Eat Protein

One of the first tips for growing your hair out is eating plenty of protein. Your hair is basically made of protein, so skimping in this department slows down collagen production, which can actually stunt the growth of your hair. Eat at least 20-30 grams per meal. You may even lose a little weight since protein satisfies you more than fat or carbs.  Fish, eggs, organic chicken, raw protein powder, organic Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds are some great protein sources. Depending on your diet, choose the ones that work for you.

Take Biotin

Biotin is a great supplement if you want long and healthy hair. Biotin is also great for your skin and nails. Biotin is a B vitamin, so your body can’t get too much of it and will excrete the excess itself. Biotin is found in foods like eggs, fish, nuts and seeds. I like supplements that are extra strength, such as 5000 mcg.  Biotin strengthens the hair and helps it grow since it aids in collagen production, preventing the breakdown of proteins.

 Avoid Excessive Heat

Put away all those hair tools for awhile, give yourself and your hair a break. If you’re brave, let your hair air dry instead of using your blow dryer. Anything you can do to reduce heat, tugging, and overly brushing your hair will help it grow faster.

 Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are not just great for your body, but they are also great for your hair. Leafy greens are rich in iron, folate, Vitamin E and some B vitamins. Some like spinach are also a great source of protein. Leafy greens nourish your cells on a deep level and keep you beautiful in all areas.

 Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds are also excellent for your hair. These foods are rich in three key nutrients that your hair needs for growth and strength, including zinc, selenium and B vitamins. Their healthy fats also help your hair stay moist to prevent breakage.

Coconut Oil

Put about a nickel size of coconut oil on your hands and rub them together. Then, comb through your hair, mainly on the ends of your hair and in the back after drying it to seal in moisture. I don’t recommend putting it at the scalp if you’ve already washed your hair since it might make it look oily. You can also use it as a hair mask and wash it out if you want. By not washing it out, the oil has time to set in and really do its thing.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar, along with alcohol and too much caffeine, are horrible for your hair. These three things break down collagen at alarming rates and can increase acne, hair breakage, and pretty much make you unhealthy overall. They also lead to mood swings, which promote stress. When you are stressed, collagen immediately breaks down in your body faster than any other time. Anything you can do to de-stress is also recommended, like yoga, walking or spending time with friends.


By far, one of the biggest things that us girls do when we are growing our hair out is get bored. We want a new style and so we change it, and typically chop it off. If you want long hair, you've got to commit to not cutting it completely off and just getting regular trims! 

 Don't Shampoo Everyday

If you are one of those people that shampoo your hair every single day and you are trying to grow your hair out, stop! Shampooing your hair every single day is actually going to take away all of those beautiful natural oils that you've built there. Give your hair a schedule and shampoo it every other day.

Tie Your Hair up

Tying your hair up is another great way that a lot of people don't think about when they are growing out their hair! Tying up your hair causes a better flow of oxygen to the outside of your hair and stimulates the follicles!

 Argon Oil

Argon oil isn't exactly a treatment, it's something that you can leave in and it's fantastic for your hair, and helps grow it out! Just a bit on the ends, a bit through it twice or three times a week and you'll love your new long hair!

Deep Condition Treatment

When you are trying to grow your hair out, the health of your hair is very, very important to take care of your hair, so you've got to make sure that you are deep conditioning too! Remember the coconut oil? You can use that or your favorite conditioner!

Massage Scalp

Stimulating the hair follicles is most important, so giving yourself an awesome scalp massage is huge! Just twice or three times a week, fifteen minutes or so and you'll see huge results!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Balayage/Ombre Hair

The reasons to get the Balayage/Ombre hair you’re about to read should convince you to give this style a go, proving that the wow factor isn’t the only benefit you can expect should you decide to become one of many stylish ladies rocking Balayage/Ombre hair dye. Here are some reasons you should consider this beautiful look...


Balayage/Ombre certainly is a hairstyle to go for if you’re into trends and fashion. Celebrities love it, bloggers love it, hairstylists love it, magazine editors as well – it’s a foolproof way to ensure a trendy look! Furthermore, if you’re trying to find at least a few reasons to get Balayage/Ombre hair, this one probably isn’t something you’ll want to dismiss easily.

Low Maintenance

It’s perfectly imperfect and made to look like a seriously overgrown dye-job in its final stages. You get to keep your regrowth and mid-length, with the ends being the only sections to receive a shot of color. The bottom line? No regrowth to require a touch-up this time next month because they should remain the way they are.

Easy to do at Home

Unlike most other trendy looks and even basic color jobs, Balayage/Ombre is super-easy to do at home! We have heard girls complaining about a streaky “Ombre” they’ve gotten from unknowledgeable stylists, yet most of the girls who did it as a fun, DIY ended up with a gorgeous style.
It’s Different

It’s not a full color job, yet it's much different than highlights too; it’s more glamorous than dip color. The Balayage/Ombre hair color technique is simply unique, made for girls who don’t mind standing out and a perfect choice if you like to experiment on your hair.

Doesn’t Cause Too Much Damage

Hair colors do damage no matter how you look at it, and bleach and light colors are hands down the worst of all. But dry, brittle hair isn’t the only downside of using harsh chemicals. Let’s not forget that you’re putting them on your scalp as well, which can ultimately affect hair growth and even damage the skin on your scalp. Balayage/Ombre, on the other hand, allows you to get an interesting and, dramatic change without having to risk all that damage. Your ends may sustain some amount of damage (especially if you’re going for a big contrast), but your regrowth and mid-length will remain intact. And since ends are pretty much the most disposable part of your hair, sacrificing them for the sake of style and good looks shouldn’t be so hard to do.

Easy to Transition from

The biggest problem with any new hair color or style is the fact that once you do it, going back to your old look isn’t at all easy. Balayage/Ombre techniques let you have your fun, dramatic change without dozens of what-ifs! Once you decide you don’t want it anymore, all you have to do is chop the ends off or color them back into your natural color. Great reason to get Ombre hair, isn’t it?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeping your hair healthy while being pregnant!

Do you need to know some of the ways to keep your hair healthy when you're pregnant? Your hair may be in great condition, as the pregnancy hormones mean that you're not shedding as you normally would. Some women find that their hair is more difficult during pregnancy though. 


The main reason why it's important to eat well during pregnancy is for the health of your baby, but a good diet will also benefit your hair. Feeding your growing child takes a lot out of your body, and your hair will be of secondary importance. So make sure that you eat a healthy diet. Eat whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and lean protein, and avoid comfort eating.


You may find that your hair is drier than normal. If this happens, give it a weekly conditioning treatment.  If necessary, switch your shampoo to one that is more moisturizing as well as giving your hair this conditioning treatment.

Hair Breakage

You may find that your hair is prone to breakage during your pregnancy. Again, this is because of the hormonal changes occurring in your body. It can be overdone by heat, so let your hair dry naturally or use a low setting on your dryer. Use a deep conditioner and get your hair trimmed regularly to help keep your hair healthy.

Prepare for Shedding

The downside of not losing hairs during the pregnancy is that you'll lose them a few months after the baby is born. So be prepared for this to happen. It can seem as though you're losing far too much, but that's simply because your hair is catching up with its normal growth cycle. 

 Hair can be really funny during pregnancy. You may even find that your normally straight hair becomes curly when you're pregnant, or the opposite.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beach Hair

Everyone loves a day spent relaxing by the water, except for your hair, that is. The salty sea air and water can do serious damage to your hair if you’re not careful. Here are some ways to rejuvenate your hair after a day spent near the waves!

Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is definitely one of the fastest and easiest ways to rejuvenate your hair. Spray a little bit in your damp hair, and you’ll notice a world of difference when your hair dries. It will feel soft, even if you just spent the day swimming in salt water!

Dry Shampoo

If your hair looks a little grimy after a day at the beach, spray some dry shampoo in it. Not only will it get rid of any grease and build-up, but dry shampoo also adds a nice texture to your hair, as well as giving your hair a lot of volume to play with!

Play with Your Natural Texture

If you just spent the day at the beach, there’s a fairly good chance that the salty air has helped your hair achieve the beach waves goodness we all attempt to replicate on a daily basis. If you’re satisfied with how it looks naturally, leave it rather than try to tame it with different oils and moisturizers!

Coconut Oil

If you have thin hair, proceed with caution when it comes to coconut oil, it can leave the hair looking greasy. It’s a great moisturizer for your hair, especially after a day at the beach, when you’re looking for something that will get the job done while smelling as amazing as the beach you just left. If you apply it before, it can help seal in your hair cuticles and protect them from damage.

Do Some Prep Work

If you’re worried about damage before you go to the beach, you can try a moisturizing mask or a leave-in conditioner before you head out. If you’re spending the day at the pool rather than the beach, there are so many products we offer that will save your hair from chlorine damage, whether you’re blonde or brunette!

Give Your Hair a Break

Both before and after a day at the beach, it’s important to give your hair some time off. Don’t run straight to the flat iron or blow dryer after a day at the beach, no matter how tempting it may seem. Think of it this way: you’re worn out after a day at the beach, and so is your hair. Don’t put it through too much after a day of salty air and swimming!

Try a Moisturizing Mask

If your hair is in major need of repair after a day at the beach, try our brazilian blowout hair masque or our intense hydrator. The night after a day at the beach, slather your hair with a moisturizing mask to get it back to its original softness. In fact, your hair may even be softer than you remember!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why cleaning your makeup brushes is important

Makeup brushes can accumulate old makeup, dirt, oil, dead skin and bacteria. As we're about to see, there are so many reasons to clean your makeup brushes on an average of every two weeks. Here's what happens if you don't.


Putting bacteria and germs back onto your face with a sticky, dusty makeup brush can aggravate underlying skin conditions like acne. If you have an open sore, pore or cracked skin, bacteria can start an infection. You'll be swapping the infection back and forth creating a never-ending cycle of breakouts.

Makeup bristles caked with product can dry out, causing them to become brittle, making them abrasive to your skin. Wiping scratchy makeup brushes on the face can irritate and roughen the texture of your soft skin. It can even make your skin look dull. Cleaning your brushes on the regular keeps them soft.

Your lip gloss and mascara containers are a dark and moist environment, where herpes loves to live. You can clean your lip gloss wands and your lipstick with a spritz of rubbing alcohol. Please, never share your lip/eye brushes, mascara or eyeliner with anyone! You'll just be swapping germs.


Cosmetic gels and creams are wet environments waiting for your dirty brush bristles, where bacteria can multiply. Liquid makeup gets older much faster than powder. Have a separate brush for each cosmetic to avoid contamination between them.


If your makeup brushes are dirty, the intended shade will not appear on your skin as its true color. Also, blending and contouring your makeup for those dramatic effects will be difficult. You want your skin to look as smooth as porcelain after you put on your makeup. Dirty makeup brushes with leave you with a spotty face.


Makeup creams left to dry can stiffen the bristles of makeup brushes and destroying them. Quality makeup brushes can be expensive. Cleaning them will maintain their softness and strength keeping them in good shape longer. You can opt to purchase disposable brushes or cheaper brushes to replace more often.


Dirty makeup brushes are just as bad as using your fingers. Putting foundation, powder, or shadow on your face, even with clean hands, is a no-no. The oils on your hands spread bacteria around your face much more easily than brushes. We don't want bacteria on our faces because it can cause blemishes and other nasty skin irritations. Putting your hands on your face can even spread flu and cold germs.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hair Shampooing

There are many factors that can go into how many days you can skip shampooing your hair, such as hair type, thickness, and whether or not it is processed in some form or another.

One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn't wash yor hair every day is because of the natural oils on your hair and scalp. While many try so hard to get rid of these oils, the truth is, they are wonderful for your hair. Your natural oils will make your hair healthier and shinier than most products. The thicker your hair is, the more time it takes for these oils to work their way down the strands of your hair, meaning you can go longer between shampooing. Even those with thin hair should be able to go at least every other day without lathering up. 

Hair tends to style better the day you don't shampoo your hair. Curls stay in place better, it's easier to brush your hair back into a ponytail or bun, and fly-aways are more easily tamed. This is why many stylist recommend coming into the salon with dirty hair before getting an up-do or any type of special service. 

The less often you can shampoo your hair, the better your color will look. Shampoo's can strip the color from your hair or simply cause it to fade. Since coloring, your hair isn't exactly cheap, it's best to keep up with your investment by skipping shampoo as often as you can.

Not only will your hair style better, your hair will also look better. Everything seems to stay in place better on day 2. You won't be as bothered with frizz or dry looking tresses after skipping the shampoo. If your hair does look greasy at the roots, simply spray with a dry shampoo or add some baby powder.

Often the greasy look we get in our hair isn't because of our own natural oils, but because of product build up from shampooing and styling. Although your hair may go through an adjustment period when you first start skipping shampooing, you'll begin to notice your hair looking less oily between shampoo's.

It's no secret that heat is bad for your hair. Using hair dryers and styling products can cause your hair to break and leave your locks looking lifeless. If you skip the shampoo's, that also means you can skip the blow drying and extra heat on your hair.




Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Music Festival Hair Styles


It is almost music festival time! The best music festival hairstyles are easy, functional, comfortable, and stylish. This will give you the opportunity to try out something new or simply to let your natural waves set free.

One of the easiest hairstyles for music festivals is to simply add a flower headband to your hair. This look is adorable and perfect for this occasion. They will work great with any haircut, style, or color. Flower headbands are a way to add something special to the hair without going over the top.

Since most music festivals are outdoors in the summer, keeping your hair off your neck is a great idea. A simple top knot bun is a great option. They are easy to do and look fantastic. 

Braids are another great option for music festival hairstyles. A braid will keep the hair off your neck while still keeping your hair down in  a cute style. Any type of braid will look cute for a music festival. Check out a few of our blogs a while back to find some braid options.

This will be the perfect occasion to rock your natural curls.  If the festival you go to stretches out over a few days, most likely you will be camping out and won't have access to your hair tools and products. Not only will your natural curls look good, but you will love the easy maintenance.

If you aren't into the flower headbands, consider a chain headpiece. These boho hair accessories are the perfect addition to your music festival look. Leave your hair down with a center part and add the headpiece for a simple accent. 

A ponytail will be low maintenance, will keep your hair off your neck, and will work with hats or other hair accessories. Any hair length can rock this look out, it's a classic style.

If you are up for a little more of a challenge, rocking a hair bow is a cute idea for a music festival. It is a unique bun that will have your hair set apart from the rest. You will need some hairspray and bobby pins for this look. Trust me it will be well worth it when it's all put together! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Perfect Backcomb


Teasing your hair is one simple and easy way to get volume into your hair. Backcombing works great to style a fashionable bump on the top front part of your hair, or to add body to the back of your hair. No matter how you style your hair, it’s sure to look fabulous if you follow these steps for the perfect backcomb.


Using the right type of shampoo and conditioner can make a big difference when you actually begin to backcomb your hair. Shampoos and conditioners that add volume are the best kind to use. Using a shampoo and conditioner that are moisturizing or made for dry hair could cause your backcomb to fall out. Therefore, avoid these and go for a shampoo and conditioner that will add volume! Also, if you use  a lot of product in your hair, you may want to use a clarifying shampoo before backcombing your hair. 


Any time you are going to use heat on your hair, it is important to put a heat protectant in your hair when your locks are still damp. This will keep your hair healthier longer. If you have plans to backcomb your hair, make sure you use a product that adds volume. Run it through your hair from the scalp to the tip to make sure you have it evenly distributed.


Blow drying your hair upside down is another way to give your hair volume. Toward the end of the blow drying process, you can flip your hair up and brush your hair back. 


Section off the part of your hair that you want to be backcombed and then begin to tease starting with the front section. While you work your way back, you will be binding the pieces at the front together. If you start at the back, you lose out on this extra hold.


While teasing, don’t just stop at the root, keep backcombing your hair up the strand. Your hair should be standing straight up on its own before you move on to the next section. The more volume you get, the better your backcomb will look. It may look pretty crazy at this step, but your end result will be fabulous.


You can smooth your hair out using your backcomb brush, or any other thick-bristled brush you may have. Be sure you are just lightly brushing over the very top layer and not putting the bristles too far into the hair. This will smooth out your backcomb so that it looks good, but still have tons of body.


Use a strong hold hairspray to keep your hair full of body and to tame down fly-aways. Now is the time to add bobby pins if you just backcombed the front section of your hair into a bump. If you backcombed your hair into a pompadour, you may want to use bobby pins to pin back the sides of your hair as well. Now you’re ready to show off your fabulous backcomb to the rest of the world!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hairstyles without heat


The easy hairstyles and tips I’m going to talk about today will enable you to have gorgeous hair every day without the help of a hairdryer, curling iron or flat iron! These heatless hairstyles will save your hair and keep it from breaking so much -- and they look great! Here are a few heatless, effortless hairstyles to help you get started.


Wash your hair an hour before you’re planning to go to bed, give it about 30 minutes to dry naturally, then braid it into a lot of thin, tight braids. Leave the braids overnight, undo them in the morning, style your hair and voila! This is a great trick if you have oily, curly or straight hair!


How easy would it be to get a head full of shiny, perfectly polished waves without a double or triple barrel curing iron? Well, it’s actually pretty easy, otherwise this surfer girl wavy hair style just wouldn’t be on my list. Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair. Let your hair dry until it is slightly damp. Use a wide toothed comb to ensure that there are no more tangles. If you have hard to curl hair, rub a little texturizing paste into your hair. Now take a hair tie, twist your hair and put it up in a messy bun. Wait for your hair to dry completely and then slowly take off the hair tie and style as required. Remember, the more hair ties and the more buns you make, the tighter your curls will be.


Want some more simple hairstyles that don’t require heat or heat protectors? Cut an old t-shirt/sheet/pillowcase into long strips, then wrap sections of your half dried hair into them by placing the end of each section on the center of the strip and rolling up. Once you’re done, just tie the ends of the strip together and move to the next section. And remember, the smaller your sections are, the tighter your wild curly hair will be.


Don’t you just love those romantic, natural loose curls? Well, this easy hairstyle can also be achieved without any heat and here’s exactly how to do it! Start with dry, clean hair, then slightly wet only the bottom half of your length. Apply styling mousse on the damp part, comb it to distribute the mousse evenly, then put it up in a tightly rolled bun. Allow your hair a couple of hours to dry and form, then let it down and enjoy your natural loose curls! This can work for any type of hair!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Easy Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are so easy and turn your hair from drab to fab! YouTube tutorials have made it super easy to learn new styles. These braided hairstyles will help you dress up/down your outfits! Check them out and see which one you'll be rocking next!


The sock bun is easy to do and makes you look super cute and classy. If you want to go all out, try the braided sock bun! It will give you a little extra fun to your bun.


This hairstyle is so cute! It's sort of like the "braided headband" but it goes all the way around, like a halo. This type of braid can be sort of tricky at first, youtube can come to your rescue! Ask your hairstylist the next time your in the salon to help with this look.


The high pony is great to rock when you're on the go. It gives you a sleek, sexy look! This is an easier way to perfecting the fishtail. The high pony helps keep your hair in place while you braid it down. 


There's not much explaining that's needed for this one. Like the name suggests, this braided hairstyle goes on and on and on. Be patient the outcome will be fantastic! Try practicing on someone else to perfect this look.


The zipped up braid leads up to the bun, and is such a cute detail. If you're sitting in front of someone or walking, at least the person behind you can appreciate the effort you put into your hair. This is easy and will get you tons of compliments. 


You definitely need a lot of hair for this style. It's just one super long braid that swirls around your head. The detail in this style is beautiful! If you have a special event coming up, this look might be for you.


How cute is this style? It's similar to the French braid, but has its own sort of twist to it. The style looks like each strand is knotted together! If you want to rock this look, find tutorials online! You'll have this style down in no time.
These seven braided hairstyles are awesome. Which style did you love the most, and where would you wear it to? Make sure to ask your hairstylist the next time your in Nicole Jeffrey's for help starting you off on this braided adventure!