Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeping your hair healthy while being pregnant!

Do you need to know some of the ways to keep your hair healthy when you're pregnant? Your hair may be in great condition, as the pregnancy hormones mean that you're not shedding as you normally would. Some women find that their hair is more difficult during pregnancy though. 


The main reason why it's important to eat well during pregnancy is for the health of your baby, but a good diet will also benefit your hair. Feeding your growing child takes a lot out of your body, and your hair will be of secondary importance. So make sure that you eat a healthy diet. Eat whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and lean protein, and avoid comfort eating.


You may find that your hair is drier than normal. If this happens, give it a weekly conditioning treatment.  If necessary, switch your shampoo to one that is more moisturizing as well as giving your hair this conditioning treatment.

Hair Breakage

You may find that your hair is prone to breakage during your pregnancy. Again, this is because of the hormonal changes occurring in your body. It can be overdone by heat, so let your hair dry naturally or use a low setting on your dryer. Use a deep conditioner and get your hair trimmed regularly to help keep your hair healthy.

Prepare for Shedding

The downside of not losing hairs during the pregnancy is that you'll lose them a few months after the baby is born. So be prepared for this to happen. It can seem as though you're losing far too much, but that's simply because your hair is catching up with its normal growth cycle. 

 Hair can be really funny during pregnancy. You may even find that your normally straight hair becomes curly when you're pregnant, or the opposite.