Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hollywood Ombre Highlights make a Nicole Jeffrey's Appearance

 Have you seen this new "Ombre" 
highlight trend around Hollywood? 
This look was originated to recreate a California surfer look. Sun kissed hair with a beautiful natural looking bohemian wave is it's intended style. Ombre is French for shaded. Notice the top of the hair is darker with a subtle shade difference highlighted through the bottom for a very natural feel. This highlight also provides a renewed youth to your hair to restore the days spent in the sun as a child. Normally the "grown out roots look" is not a fashion forward statement. Luckily with the Ombre technique you can blend in with Hollywood's finest.
The technique behind this new highlighting is very unique and leads to beautiful results when executed correctly. Gina, our Joice Educator and Salon Manager has practiced this technique and is spreading the Hollywood statement hair around the Greater Akron area. Get beach babe hair in North East Ohio!

 Don't go overboard with contrast. 
The beauty of the Ombre highlight is ruined with incorrect shading. 
This should still be a highlighting technique not a defined layered coloring.

Want the bohemian curl too?
Barrel curl styling will do the trick.  
 Part your hair all the way down the middle to the back. Take little pieces and work your way up to the front wrapping the hair back around the outside of the curling iron. If you choose to invest in a single barrel curler (as pictured) then you will see the best results. 
Key to the curl: Make sure your twist the hair into a small rope with your hands before wrapping around the iron for a looser  natural wave.

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Dont Forget
Let us help you get disguised for Halloween! 

Available Service's 
Hair (simple styling)                                                   $20+ with Valerie
Make-up (non scary unless you bring your own makeup) $15 with Valerie
Fake Lashes                                       $15
 Colored Hair Extensions (each)          $10 

Hair Tinsel (per strand)                       $4
  Nail Art (per nail)                                $3+
Spray Tan                                            $30
Wig Application                                   $5+ 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Hair Tricks and Treats From Nicole Jeffrey's

If you are the Princess Leia or a dead bride we can help you with your Halloween hair. From wig applications and styling, we want to help you win that costume contest! 

Here are some great 
Distinctive Halloween Hair Styles 
that will raise the dead this year. 

Pippi Long Stocking
(Or Wendy)
The styling trick is all about the coat hanger...that's right, a coat hanger
 is hidden under all that red hair to create the corky shaping and to keep it that way. 

Crazy Curlers
This is a look of all era's and can represent Marilyn Monroe's style, 
call yourself a manic Monday, or be a crazy curler lady in a night gown with the morning paper...
This is not the typical way a woman would walk out of the house
 so it makes for a fun costume because anything is allowed!  
If you don's have curlers at home you can use toilet paper or cut paper towel rolls.

Pop Star
Katy Perry and Lady Gaga 
Make it easy to mimic their crazy hair fashions with a simple spray of Pink or a Wig 
For Lady Gaga don't forget the Lashes (Available at Nicole Jeffrey's)

Be A Tease
Weather you are doing 80's glam and sporting leg warmers 
or you are an electrician with a shocking outcome. Teased hair is an easy costume style. 

Gel is used in shorter hair to assist this look.

Glam Looks 
Updo's can be as simple as a curl and as difficult as a finger wave for a 50's look. 
We can help complete your Hollywood look.

Get Nailed
Our nail tech, Lisa displayed her nail art abilities with spooktacular designs!

Call 330-733-0700 to make you Halloween makeover complete
with Nicole Jeffrey's Salon and Day Spa.

Available Service's 
Hair (simple styling)                                                   $20+ with Valerie
Make-up (non scary unless you bring your own makeup) $15 with Valerie
Fake Lashes                                       $15
 Colored Hair Extensions (each)          $10 

Hair Tinsel (per strand)                       $4
  Nail Art (per nail)                                $3+
Spray Tan                                            $30
Wig Application                                   $5+ 

Thank you for donating for the Strides Against Breast Cancer! 
We together raised $376 total! 
One more step to a world with more birthdays! 

Check back next week for more Nicole Jeffrey's Hair Brained Idea's.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's Make Up a Costume This Halloween

Let us get you all dolled up for Halloween with some glamorous costume makeup. 

Would you rather strut your stuff than look like a scare?

Check Out Nicole Jeffrey's Glam Costume Make-up Ideas! 

Jersey Shore Cast 
 All drama here when it comes to colors used and don't forget the lashes!
 Makeup by: Valerie

We were missing the wig here to really make the look 
but this make-up speaks to the power and beauty Cleopatra held.
Makeup by: Valerie

Other Glamour Ideas Include:
Red red lips and dark eye liner will make this look.
Add a 50's Hollywood touch with a beauty mark.

Lady Gaga
This look depends a lot on which outfit you are trying to match
 but luckily there are a lot of options!
 The more lash the better. Good thing we have some fake lashes available.
 Pink Pucker
Electrifying Lightning Bolt
The key to any great Gaga makeup look is to really focus on the eye's.
Long lashes, possibly an extreme color and pick a shape. She is edgy, 
original, and not afraid of any makeup monstrosity. 

No tv character trumps Mimi when it comes to 
making an extreme makeup (and fashion) fopa...all the time.
It's all about the blue, and let's not forget to darken those brows.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to costume makeup.
We have some great Halloween idea's to help you pull your look together!
Schedule your Halloween Makeover!
Hair (simple styling)                                                   $20+ with Valerie
Make-up (non scary unless you bring your own makeup) $15 with Valerie
Fake Lashes                                      $15
Colored Hair Extensions (each)    $10 

Hair Tinsel (per strand)                 $4
Nail Art (per nail)                          $3+
Spray Tan                                        $30
Wig Application                              $5+ 

Check back next week for our Halloween Hair and Nail ideas. 

Strides Against Breast Cancer is THIS SUNDAY October 16th. Join us or Donate to help us reach our goal and create a world with more birthday's.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall 2011 Updo Trends Rock the Dance Floor!

Homecoming season is here in full swing and there is a flair to the trends this season. 

Fall 2011 Inspirations 

 Natural and Relaxed Look:
What makes this look?
 Loose waves on top and sides.
 Pulled gently back or down and to the side.
Curls are thin and look naturally beautiful almost falling into place in their own

This look is elegant, natural and flowing like a goddess.
Complete the look...
Makeup: Gentle with a natural glow, light colors and a touch blush
Nails: French tip or a light pink like Second Honeymoon or Pink-A-Doodle by OPI       
Jewelry: Simple crystal tear drop earring and delicate necklace
Gown: Long flowing goddess gown in subdue colors
Heels: Satin open toed or even gold or silver strappy style
Goddess Inspiration Board

 50's Pin-up Inspiration
What makes this look?
 Statement making tidal wave like curls. 
 For 50's glamour, finger waves make a comeback.
This look is back with a bold bang!

This look is all about bold and edgy from the age of rebellion!
Complete the look...
Makeup: Heavy black eye-liner, red lips, and a beauty mark for an added touch of old Hollywood. 
Nails: Bold red red like The Thrill of Brazil or Red My Fortune Cookie by OPI
Jewelry: Large, plastic, bright colored, bead jewelry
Gown: T-length poofy bold colored dresses are era matching 
Heels: Patent leather high heels
50's Inspiration Board

Bring on the Bling
What makes this look? 
 New tinsel strands make it easy to add shimmer.
 Broaches and clips add a crystal touch.
Crystal strands (available at Nicole Jeffrey's) and head bands can finish the look.
Color popping adds excitement and interest. 
Nicole Jeffrey's has an variety of colors making it easy to match any dress. 

This look grabs attention and gives a wow factor.
Complete this look...
Makeup: Colorful, exciting, and full of shimmer.
Nails: Bright colored shimmer polish like Grape...Set...Match! or mix it up with Silver Shatter both by OPI
Jewelry: Colorful gem stone necklace and bracelets.
Gown: Printed, multi-colored, or bling embellished.
Heels: Statement making colorful and blingy. 
Bring the Bling Inspiration Board

These Fall 2011 looks are all amazing and if you are having trouble choosing what style you like best just combine the looks and it's still beautiful!

Get your Homecoming Hair done at Nicole Jeffrey's!
Complete the look with a makeup application, manicure and pedicure! 
Call 330-733-0700 to schedule

We still need your help Making Strides Against Breast Cancer! 
American Cancer Society is hosting a 5K walk 10am Sunday, Oct 16th at the Akron Field House. We need your help and welcome you to join us and donate as we strive to make a world with more birthday's! 

Check back next week when we dive into our Hot Halloween Costume Ideas
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