Friday, May 25, 2012

Why you Should Get Serious About Your Skincare

Face to Face with Facial Benefits
Why you should get serious about your skin!
The benefits of a regularly scheduled facial go far beyond the element of relaxation. If you think about it, our faces take some of the biggest beatings as we roam about our daily lives. We may affect our skin by applying makeup, or by forgetting SPF protection. Sweating and habits of touching your face will also add to the buildup within pores that lead to unwanted blemishes. Skin is effected by other elements such as hormones and seasonal changes and it is best to cater your routine to its changing characteristics to have the best results. 

We cannot emphasize the amount of knowledge that is gained from having a facial. Not only is it pampering, but it serves as an avenue for raising awareness and educating you about your skin. It has been found that many individuals are confusing their skin by using the wrong cleansers.

Your Mirror Cannot Tell You Everything
Your mirror does not know what your skin needs because many of the ways skin is damaged is not easily visible in plan sight. Coming for a facial at Nicole Jeffrey's you will receive a skin analysis (as pictured above) from your professional Esthetician and through this technology you will both be able to identify what areas of your face have different needs.

Custom Blended Facial for Your Best Results 
There are different zones on your face that tend to have different needs and during your facial your skin analysis this becomes more evident. Whether you want to eliminate oil, moisturize dry skin, clear acne, smooth wrinkles, or protect from sunspot damage etc, we can help. Once you and your Esthetician discuss the best treatment plan, they will educate you a little more about the product they are custom blending for you. They will give you a copy of your skin analysis form as well as a suggested at home care instructions to further your skins health daily. 
Product is a Necessity Not Just a Plus
Bioelements is trusted by professionals for a good reason. The strength of the product to show results is incredible hence why we were not afraid to introduce our Fast Results Facial -- in just 30 minutes you can see and feel a difference but if that is true think of what we can do in an hour! The Bioelements website can give you more information if you are doing research from home on some of the products that can help you although we still recommend our professional opinion before purchasing just to be sure you are getting the most out of your product. Your future skin analysis will show your improvements as well when you conduct your routine daily. 

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Rules to be in the club:
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3. No sharing of facial club intentionally with another individual (only refer someone if you absolutely cannot make your appointment) Abusing your membership will exclude you from future savings.
4. Be ready to see results and have the best skin of your life!

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See you next week while we roll out a new hair product line that we are excited about!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Go Grey and Love the Way you Look

Grey hair is one of those embrace or maintain struggles that effects all men and women at some point in time. There are consequences to deciding either way as well as benefits, so it is best to weigh the option that fits you best. Grey today gone tomorrow is not quite the most common option any more. In recent years due to a mix of the economy down turn and celebrity endorsement, grey is making a come back as well as finding new ways to simply blend in. How you feel about it may vary but we would like to explore some options to avoid a black attack in search of youth again.
Operation grey is underway, now here are some popular options:

Run for Cover 
Tending to grey hair by covering it up is a very popular option. Hair color is not a new idea, there were several techniques that even the Egyptians used to portray themselves at different societal statures.

Pros: Feel confident and return to your youth. Today the purpose of hair color is all about preference. What suits our personality, skin tone, and eye color best is always recommended. As for covering grey, it is good to be natural about it. Throwing a flat black color on to cover roots is not always better than going natural but keeping natural and following the suggestions of the professional stylist will leave you with beautiful, glowing results.

Cons: One word, maintenance. You will be visiting the salon often but at the same time if you enjoy your stylist and staff that is not such a bad thing after all.

Blend is the Trend
This option brings out he best of both worlds for a lot of people. If your hair is taking a grey of whit natural turn a blending of hi-lights or low-lights. Celebrities are embracing the natural look and wearing it well.
 Pros: Even the hair coloring industry can identify with the benefits of having a "Touch of Grey". Upkeep is not as often and this option allows for a gradual covering or uncovering of grey if desired to make a change. Mixing the colors is flattering and gives the hair a very dynamic and with the perfect textured cut from your professional stylist you will be looking better than ever.

Cons: Maintenance is still required but not as often as a full color. You must be confident to show off your natural beauty a little bit but why wouldn't you feel your best with perfectly blended beauty?

Not Phased by Greys
Grey and white hair has become so desirable even the youthful Kelly Osbourne and singer Pink have reached to a new level of hair coloring by turning to grey for their most recent styles. Meryl Streep looked fabulous in "The Devil Wears Prada" natural do. 

Pros: Natural grey and white hair is complimenting to your skin tone and flaunts your confidence in a refreshing natural way. Real, natural beauty is often disguised by makeup and hair color and it is about time we feel beautiful naturally.

Cons: I can not twist having a renewed confidence and saving money into a con, therefore I am defeated on identifying a con. Happy beauty!

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and discover what option is best for the beautiful natural you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prom Hair Tips 2012

I came across an article about the 
5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Prom Hair Style

We have our own rendition of pointers as well to keep in mind while choosing what Prom hairstyle will best suit you. 

1) What Style of Dress are you Wearing?
This may sound like a silly question because most all proms are formal, although the degree of formality does vary. Is your dress long or short? Is it beaded or simple? Does it form-fit, flow, or have the shape of a ball gown? All of these factors can be considered in order to have continuity in your entire look. 

By having her hair gently up, this style does not distract from the beautiful back of Miley Cyrus' dress.

2) What Type of Maintenance Can You Handle?
Of course your hair will stay in place the entire evening so that is not the question here. It is more realizing there are different risks that come with each style. Will you be too hot with your hair down in curls? Are you going to want to keep pushing your hair out of your eyes if you let your bangs down? It is always easy to point out a pretty style but if it will work comfortably with you the whole night is the question to consider.
If you like every hair in its place this might not be the style for you, it is playful and fun, but not for everyone.

3) What is Best for Your Hair?
Hair lengths, textures, and definitions are different for everyone. The hair style you choose should compliment your hair capabilities not compete with them. The main question to consider is will your hair hold curl? I know anything is possible with the right product and professional although I guarantee you will be happier with your hair if you take its shaping qualities into the thought process.
Tyra Banks has the hair to hold this up-do stunningly. This style may not shape as well with fine silky.   

4) What is the Weather?
This is probably the least-considered question to think of when seeking a style because it does not effect us until is too late. If your choose a down and flowing hair style and it rains or is humid, then there is a risk of frizz. Do not forget the wind easily whipping your hair out of shape in just one foul gust. If you are going to attempt to defeat any frazzling conditions our suggestion is to invest 
$5 in a Bed Head hard head mini hairspray available at Nicole Jeffrey's! 
 Although the volume of this look was intentional, do not let frizz happen to you!

5) What is the Focus on?
Your hair style is essentially a work of art. There is always a focal point which the scene surrounds. You may have an object like a flower or decorative pins you would like to use. A braid, bun, or certain part of a style you may like can also make a feature. It is important to remember to allow some differences from a picture to your own hair because as mentioned before all hair lengths, colors, and qualities can alter the final look slightly. If you know you want a certain feature the stylist can transform your hair to you best. 

This fishtail braid is eye catching and works great with softer materials because of it's youthful gentle look. 

No matter what look you are going for we can help at Nicole Jeffrey's. It is always good to keep these pointers in mind as you contemplate your evening up-do! 

Call 330-733-0700 if you would like to make an appointment for your dance of event. We offer the whole package hair, nails, spray tan and makeup! We look forward to having you soon!