Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Impress with Hot Date Makeup

Valentine's Day is coming up and it is time to make sure the little dress fits and you have all your makeup tips. 

Whether it's a first date or just another night out, let him know you care
 and step up your stare with these Hot Date makeup tips.

The Notorious SMOKEY EYE
This is a staple modern "sexy" look that will leave him drawn in all night wondering what's for dessert.
TIGI's Imperial Grey Liquid Eye Shadow will do the trick!
Kristen Stewart's Smokey Eye look is less dramatic but just as effective. 
P.S. Guys don't it like when you look caked with makeup 
anyway; they prefer a more realistic approach. 

Add Some Frisk and BAT YOUR LASH
Lash it out with what you've got or add some pizzazz! 

P.S. If you need some extra va-voom like Miley we at Nicole Jeffrey's can assist you in some occasion dramatic lashes for about $25.

If you are opting to go on your own, then consider Lash Love or Eyes Love It by TIGI Cosmetics available in our retail selection.

Pencil on a Cat Eye with TIGI's Precision Eye Liner or 
their Patent Leather Liner for this bold and beautiful look. 
Megan Fox cut the red lips but kept the luring liner. 
P.S. Red Lips are making a comeback so do not feel like you have to 
opt out of the entire classic combo. 

There are plenty of tricks to make his head turn and keep him drawn into your eyes. Other makeup tricks will complete the look depending on your facial features, attire choice, and scale of date. Unsure of how to complete these looks? Call 330-733-0700 to schedule a makeup lesson so you have confidence in yourself to match your sultry stare. You can leave it all to us by simply scheduling a makeup application so you are worry-free. 

Stop back next week for more Valentine's Day looks! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

7 Ways to Say I Love You Every Day not Just the Valentine's One

Valentine's Day is not just a day 
for those who are in love, it is every day! 

7 Simple Tips to Couple Bliss (every day)

Just Say It: Hearing or speaking the words "I Love You" is good for your health. It clears the mind, and is refreshing to know you care and are cared for so greatly by another individual. It has been proven to help relieve stress and create great reassurance. 

          Step it up!- Add reason's why or how you love them. Don't be afraid to break a silence with an "I Love You, and the way you smile"

Don't Wait: Don't wait for a scheduled date night or special occasion for a good reason to make it a special night. Make every day Valentine's Day; make it surprise breakfast in bed,  flowers, dinner, chocolates, or a massage. With random surprises like these you will never get bored and your passion will always be recognized. 

          Step it up!- Be the first one to initiate this idea and don't stop after just once.  

Focus: Spend some unique quality time together where there are minimal distractions (like the TV). Go to a park, museum, wine tasting, etc. instead of a movie where you sit beside each other in silence for hours. Do activities where you can focus on each other's interests and the reasons you love them. Many intriguing conversations are welcome in these environments where you can find yourself falling in love even more. 

          Step it up!- Go back to early date spots and reminisce about the past while making memories in the present. Don't get stuck only going to the "same olds"; be sure to change it up too.  

Be Smart with the Small Stuff: Even if you see each other everyday, tell them they are beautiful....everyday! Compliments are free, flattering, and move things forward ;) When the confidence is flowing the libido gets going.

         Step it up!- Compliment in all situations, with or without make up, in old and new shoes, and when hair is a mess or fresh from the salon. Natural beauty deserves recognition but when we put on our best we want to be noticed for our efforts too. 

Get the Giggles: Laughing is not only great exercise but it is also one of the best stress relievers. The lower the stress in a relationship, the happier the couple will be. When you share laughter with another individual it helps to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Steer clear of making  your loved one the target of your jokes to avoid running into and sensitive topics that can quickly lead to a fight. 

          Step it up!- Stress can be relieved in other creative ways such as a squirt gun fight, play catch, going on a run together, or tickle fight. These methods can vanish any tension from the day while introducing playful opportunities

Letter Know: Use personal hand-written letters or notes to express your love in unexpected moments. Randomly finding a note at the bathroom sink or leaving a letter in their suitcase when they travel on a business trip says I love you in the most unexpected times and usually when it is needed most. It shows thoughtfulness in the other person and is a very simple, free, and easy way to let them know that they are on your mind throughout the day no matter where you are. 

          Step it up!- Make it a little adventurous game by leaving messages and love notes under public coffee tables or park benches so that it also becomes your little secret.

Team Up: Don't let the honey do list build or dinner be prepared without each others help. Teaming up on the tasks gets the job done quicker while adding an element of accomplishment by being a team and by completing the chore. Studies show that when a couple models shared roles they are happier than other couples. 

     Step it up!- Make it a game and have some fun with it, everyone wins when the job is complete and good job back massages are traded!

Let Us Help Your Date Night!
All February at Nicole Jeffrey's 

Receive Chocolate Covered Strawberries &
Chocolate Beverages 
(martini's or hot chocolate)
when planning
2 1-hour massages and 2 pedicures for $225
2 1-hour massages and 2 pedicures for $175
(add on services are also available along with just massages or just pedicures)

Call 330-733-0700 to book your appointment today! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tell them I Love You all Valentine's Month!

Pampering for two,
Says I Love Us!

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just one day. 
We are sharing the Nicole Jeffrey's Love ALL FEBRUARY!
 Nicole Jeffrey's Valentine's Month Specials

Accompanied with Chocolate Covered Strawberries 
and Chocolate Drink Refreshments

Choose one from these decedent packages. 

  Couple 1hour Massages and Pedicures $225
Couple 1/2hr Massages and Pedicures $175
Add on services are available 
1 hour facials for an additional $90 
1/2 hour facials for an additional $60
Please call 330-733-0700 to schedule a least 1 week in advance
 to receive better availability and assured chocolate treats. 

Check back next week to capture other great way's to say I Love You to your lover! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year New You, New Nicole Jeffrey's Too!

We are ringing in our 10th year of operation this coming June and want to make this year our best yet! We hope your holiday's were merry and your stockings were full of Nicole Jeffrey's Pampering gifts. New low prices have made this year terrific already making it our pleasure to offer you the difference you deserve at an even better price! 

We would love to know how we are doing
and how we can better serve you! 

Here are a few questions?

What services are your favorites and why?
Why do you enjoy coming to Nicole Jeffrey's?
What are your favorite products?

We are always brainstorming and looking for ways to improve. 
Feel free to feed us some ideas as well.

What deals would you like to see?
Would you be interested in a rewards program or contests?
What would you like to know more about?
-see added to the website?
-read about in the blog?
-see on Facebook?

Please feel free to comment below, 
email to
or leave a message on our Facebook

Check out next weeks post for details on our Valentines Day Specials!
Coupled with other tip's on how to say I love you!