Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beautiful sugar skull makeup for halloween!

Halloween's coming up and if you haven't decided on a costume yet, you should seriously consider doing some sugar skull makeup on your face! It really isn't as hard as it seems - it just depends on how intricate you'd like it to be. Watch tutorials online and you'll definitely get a better understanding of how to create these cool looks. Check out pinterest also for some great ideas. 








Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recreating the same look!

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you are capable of recreating your salon hairstyle. Let’s talk about them so you can finally master styling your hair the way you have been dreaming of.


One of the easiest steps in recreating your salon hairstyle at home is to take some pictures of your hair the day you have it done. Take a picture of your hair from the front, the side and the back. It can be very helpful to go back and look at photos when you are attempting to recreate the style. Without pictures, you have no point of reference.

As your hairstylist is styling your hair, take some notes. When you notice something she is doing that you did not realize was part of the styling process, put it in your phone notes. It is easy to key them in and save. You can read them later when you need the reminder of how to style your hair.


Products do make a difference, ladies. You don’t have to buy every hair product that your hairstylist uses on your hair but you should buy the ones that really make a difference. Ask her which products she recommends for you. You won't believe how easy it is to recreate your look at home with the proper products!


You cannot expect a low end hair tool to perform as well as a high end hair tool. There are exceptions but for the most part, it is true. Figure out the flat iron your hair stylist was using and giving you the sleek, soft look when you left the salon. It would be a good idea to buy the same hair tool and have much better luck with recreating the salon style.


It’s okay to ask questions. Your hairstylist will not mind. She loves doing hair and making women feel good about themselves. Asking questions can make a big difference. It means the difference between guessing and feeling confident in a new styling technique. Asking questions can clear up any confusion you may have.


Tutorials can be helpful in learning to style your hair. there are tutorials for almost anything you can imagine on YouTube, including hairstyles. If you know that your hairstylist used some root teasing to give you the look you love, do a search for that technique. You can do this for many different hairstyle techniques. An advantage to this is that you can do this at your own pace and watch it as many times as you need to.


If you are really struggling to recreate your salon hairstyle at home and it’s important to you, go back for a teaching session. Ask if there is a time you can come in and receive some individualized instruction. Of course you will need to compensate her for her time and be sure to tell her that you will do so up front. This one-on-one time can make all the difference. You will leave the salon feeling confident in your styling techniques.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Better Makeup


For some girls, it’s tough to find the reason as to why your makeup is just not looking right, so here are a few tips to make your makeup look better and more flattering. There are some very common mistakes that are made when it comes to applying makeup. The easiest way to learn about makeup application is through YouTube videos, blogs, and other beauty sources. You can also schedule a makeup lesson at the salon to give you hands on education. 


Blending is one of the most important things to do when it comes to makeup application. Failing to blend your makeup will result in harsh lines and an unnatural look. You want your makeup to blend with your skin. Blend your foundation, eye shadow, concealer and blushes and keep it as natural as possible.


Getting your eyebrows done will make a huge difference to your face. Clean eyebrows will create an even nicer shape to your face as well. Once they’re all cleaned up, it’s easier to fill
in your eyebrows to make them nice and defined. You can use a pencil or powder to fill them in. This will make your makeup look flawless. 

Contouring and highlighting will create an optical illusion to make your nose appear slimmer, cheekbones defined, and entire face as well. The contour is a shade or two darker than your skin tone, and should be matte. As long as you do this carefully and blend, this will make your makeup look even better.


Lipstick and glosses are beautiful on their own, but adding lip liner will make such a difference. When you line your lips, your lips appear bigger and more defined. Make sure the liner is the same shade as the lipstick you use. Apply some gloss on top and you will be all set.

One very common mistake when it comes to makeup application is the foundation shade. It’s very hard to find a shade that matches us individually. Make sure you test the color in natural light, because different lighting can sometimes be deceiving. The right foundation shade for you will make your face look natural and you won’t have two different skin tones on your face and neck.


Some people aren’t aware of the fact that skincare does change the way your makeup applies. Washing your face and taking care of your skin will make a difference. Your makeup will apply way more flawlessly and will give an airbrushed effect, along with the fact that you will have minimized pores, less blemishes and smoother skin. Make sure you take your makeup off at night, cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize regularly.

Along with the right foundation shade, it’s also good to choose colors that will bring out your individual tones. The colors of your shadows, lipsticks and blushes should flatter your eyes and skin tone. If you have brown or dark eyes, go for warm colors. If you have light eyes and a lighter complexion, go for cool tones.

Another important rule to makeup application is not overdoing it. Too much makeup takes away from our natural beauty. We use makeup to enhance our look, rather than create it. Apply your makeup with a light hand. It’s always best to pick up little amounts of product and build it up appropriately. That way you don’t apply too much and will have trouble blending.

For those who don’t know, primer is applied before any makeup. This makes your makeup go on better and last longer. Some primers also minimize the look of pores. This creates a smooth and even base for your foundation. Setting your makeup can be done with a spray or powder. This will also ensure long lasting makeup, as well as prevent it getting oily throughout the day.




Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Longer Hair

If you’re looking for some tips for growing out your hair, here are some great options to help you along the way. Growing your hair out comes down to pure science. After that, it is quite simple. No worries, you don’t need to resort to pricey extensions to get those long, luxurious locks.

Eat Protein

One of the first tips for growing your hair out is eating plenty of protein. Your hair is basically made of protein, so skimping in this department slows down collagen production, which can actually stunt the growth of your hair. Eat at least 20-30 grams per meal. You may even lose a little weight since protein satisfies you more than fat or carbs.  Fish, eggs, organic chicken, raw protein powder, organic Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds are some great protein sources. Depending on your diet, choose the ones that work for you.

Take Biotin

Biotin is a great supplement if you want long and healthy hair. Biotin is also great for your skin and nails. Biotin is a B vitamin, so your body can’t get too much of it and will excrete the excess itself. Biotin is found in foods like eggs, fish, nuts and seeds. I like supplements that are extra strength, such as 5000 mcg.  Biotin strengthens the hair and helps it grow since it aids in collagen production, preventing the breakdown of proteins.

 Avoid Excessive Heat

Put away all those hair tools for awhile, give yourself and your hair a break. If you’re brave, let your hair air dry instead of using your blow dryer. Anything you can do to reduce heat, tugging, and overly brushing your hair will help it grow faster.

 Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are not just great for your body, but they are also great for your hair. Leafy greens are rich in iron, folate, Vitamin E and some B vitamins. Some like spinach are also a great source of protein. Leafy greens nourish your cells on a deep level and keep you beautiful in all areas.

 Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds are also excellent for your hair. These foods are rich in three key nutrients that your hair needs for growth and strength, including zinc, selenium and B vitamins. Their healthy fats also help your hair stay moist to prevent breakage.

Coconut Oil

Put about a nickel size of coconut oil on your hands and rub them together. Then, comb through your hair, mainly on the ends of your hair and in the back after drying it to seal in moisture. I don’t recommend putting it at the scalp if you’ve already washed your hair since it might make it look oily. You can also use it as a hair mask and wash it out if you want. By not washing it out, the oil has time to set in and really do its thing.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar, along with alcohol and too much caffeine, are horrible for your hair. These three things break down collagen at alarming rates and can increase acne, hair breakage, and pretty much make you unhealthy overall. They also lead to mood swings, which promote stress. When you are stressed, collagen immediately breaks down in your body faster than any other time. Anything you can do to de-stress is also recommended, like yoga, walking or spending time with friends.


By far, one of the biggest things that us girls do when we are growing our hair out is get bored. We want a new style and so we change it, and typically chop it off. If you want long hair, you've got to commit to not cutting it completely off and just getting regular trims! 

 Don't Shampoo Everyday

If you are one of those people that shampoo your hair every single day and you are trying to grow your hair out, stop! Shampooing your hair every single day is actually going to take away all of those beautiful natural oils that you've built there. Give your hair a schedule and shampoo it every other day.

Tie Your Hair up

Tying your hair up is another great way that a lot of people don't think about when they are growing out their hair! Tying up your hair causes a better flow of oxygen to the outside of your hair and stimulates the follicles!

 Argon Oil

Argon oil isn't exactly a treatment, it's something that you can leave in and it's fantastic for your hair, and helps grow it out! Just a bit on the ends, a bit through it twice or three times a week and you'll love your new long hair!

Deep Condition Treatment

When you are trying to grow your hair out, the health of your hair is very, very important to take care of your hair, so you've got to make sure that you are deep conditioning too! Remember the coconut oil? You can use that or your favorite conditioner!

Massage Scalp

Stimulating the hair follicles is most important, so giving yourself an awesome scalp massage is huge! Just twice or three times a week, fifteen minutes or so and you'll see huge results!