Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Music Festival Hair Styles


It is almost music festival time! The best music festival hairstyles are easy, functional, comfortable, and stylish. This will give you the opportunity to try out something new or simply to let your natural waves set free.

One of the easiest hairstyles for music festivals is to simply add a flower headband to your hair. This look is adorable and perfect for this occasion. They will work great with any haircut, style, or color. Flower headbands are a way to add something special to the hair without going over the top.

Since most music festivals are outdoors in the summer, keeping your hair off your neck is a great idea. A simple top knot bun is a great option. They are easy to do and look fantastic. 

Braids are another great option for music festival hairstyles. A braid will keep the hair off your neck while still keeping your hair down in  a cute style. Any type of braid will look cute for a music festival. Check out a few of our blogs a while back to find some braid options.

This will be the perfect occasion to rock your natural curls.  If the festival you go to stretches out over a few days, most likely you will be camping out and won't have access to your hair tools and products. Not only will your natural curls look good, but you will love the easy maintenance.

If you aren't into the flower headbands, consider a chain headpiece. These boho hair accessories are the perfect addition to your music festival look. Leave your hair down with a center part and add the headpiece for a simple accent. 

A ponytail will be low maintenance, will keep your hair off your neck, and will work with hats or other hair accessories. Any hair length can rock this look out, it's a classic style.

If you are up for a little more of a challenge, rocking a hair bow is a cute idea for a music festival. It is a unique bun that will have your hair set apart from the rest. You will need some hairspray and bobby pins for this look. Trust me it will be well worth it when it's all put together! 

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