Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shedding Hair


Seasonal hair shedding can be such a nightmare! There are ways to make sure even the most serious of shedding doesn’t bother you that much. You don’t have anything to risk but a few minutes of your time! Take a look at this list of easy cures for hair shedding problems that have been driving you crazy, try them out and start enjoying every season:


Even the ladies with wavy to curly hair have to start working on their relationship with a brush or a comb! I know you think it ruins the curls and makes your hair look like you've stuck your finger in a socket, but it’s the only way to get rid of the dead hairs stuck in the mass of healthy, live ones. Try to comb yours twice, once in the morning and once before bed but you can do it more often if you’d like. In case you’re worried this will mess up your curls, here’s a trick, run wet fingers through your hair once you’re done brushing, or spritz some water, and give your curls about 15-30 minutes to air dry and regroup.


Take your pick among tons of great styles to help you look your best each day but remember to untie your hair while chilling in the comfort of your own home. Styles that put a lot of stress onto your scalp and roots are not the most ideal choice for all day round wear anyways! And that’s not all, ponytails and buns won’t let the loose hairs fall out naturally, increasing the chances of them getting all tangled with the healthy ones as well as the risk of damaging your hair while trying to detangle and remove dead hairs.


You don’t want dead hairs sticking and tangling with your healthy ones, so the solution is to avoid mousses, hair gels and all the other products that make your hair sticky. We’re not talking about long-term commitment here, of course, just something you may want to think about in those days when your hair seems to shed more than it grows.


Once the seasonal hair shedding had stopped you’ll probably end up dealing with a lot of baby hairs! Now’s the perfect time to give bangs a go. A stylish full fringe will help you hide that unruly peach fuzz at your hairline. The worst of shedding usually happens in autumn or early spring which means you’ll definitely have enough time to grow out your bangs before the next hot summer!


Speaking about baby hairs, fuzz, frizz and all the post shedding drama, remember what I told you about ditching heavy styling products? Well, you can forget about it at this point! Once all the old hair has fallen out and there’s tons of new frizzies to worry about, you could use all the help a hairspray, gel, pomade and shine serum can provide! Use gels and hair sprays to nail down a perfectly glamorous sleek bun or chignon or opt for a shine serum to help smooth down those tiny fly aways.


It’s actually quite simple, in the case that your hair is dark, you should probably stick to darker colors and vice versa. It’s not a rule you should follow for months thus limiting your outfit choices, merely a cool trick to help you look your best even in those days when the shedding gets unbearable. Choose your fabrics carefully as well! Rougher or static-y fabrics will prolong your agony and make the loose hairs stick while silkier, softer or less static-prone ones help them roll off undetected.

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