Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spirals of a Curly Girl

Have you ever seen straight hair cut curly? No, because that does not make sense. So, why do so many stylists find cutting curly hair straight acceptable? We have no idea but that is exactly why we have made the switch to adopt the Deva hair cutting technique. The owner of Devachan salon in NY has shared all of her secrets to cutting curly girls. We love it! (and so do our clients!)

Deva hair cutting involves reacting to the curls natural placement. Each curl is cut individually just how it fits together in the big picture. The bounce, body and texture of every curl is carefully considered.

Our own Tricia and Gina made the trip to New York specifically to train on this cutting edge technique and they have brought all the Deva skills back to Nicole Jeffrey's salon.

Take a peak at this quick clip on the technique it's self. 

Deva cutting would not be complete without it's Deva Curl product line. Starting the routine in the shower is a necessity in order to achieving the healthy, hydrated, maximum curl desired everyday in between cuts. We offer an array of the line's most popular products at Nicole Jeffrey's.

Ask Tricia or Gina which products are best for you and why it is so important to try this line.

Fun Fact: This No-Poo conditioner is absent of sulfur which is a very common ingredient in all detergents that is only good for creating a lather and drying out hair, Yikes! Sulfur free shampoos are offered for all hair types at Nicole Jeffrey's salon to eliminate the harmful effects of sulfur. Getting used to no lather is the hardest part, but worth the change. Straight hair girls, try our Thermafuse product line for smoother, softer hair.
As we mentioned, the method to the curly madness starts at home. The routine involved is quite simple and very important to receiving the ultimate curl for your hair type. The video below includes the steps needed for each hair type so that you can see just how easy it is to care for your curls.

 The beautiful results of this technique and product line capture just how excited we are to share it with you. If you are a curly girl, please mention your interest in the Deva cut when scheduling your next appointment. Tell all your curly friends their hair frustrations will vanish and to give it a try.

Call 330-733-0700 to book the difference you deserve today and spiral your way to a new beautiful you.

Be on the look out for next weeks "Face the Facts: Facial Truths" post. Our poor pores need our help!

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