Thursday, July 21, 2011

Face the Facts Facial Truths

Our poor pores! Why are there so many facial myths?

It's time to face the facts and explore your way to healthier skin.

Most Common Misconceptions:

The facial might cause my face to break out: False
     Professional facials are cosmetic treatments done by Estheticians who are trained to identify what your skin needs. The pores are opened during the procedure to draw out or extract any clogging of the pores. After being steamed, cleansed, and treated to your condition the only slim possibility of breakout would be due to the clarified open pores being susceptible to new debris or build up. (not because of the facial product)

Why spend money when I can do it from home? Don't try it at home!
     Estheticians are trained professionals using the appropriate products and procedures specifically for your skin condition. Home made facials are not guaranteed to be suited for how your skin should be treated. (Beware of breakouts when considering home treatments.) It is important to be advised by a professional first to obtain the products and procedure knowledge needed to best care for your skin.

I already have a Dermatologist I don't need and Estetician.: False
     These two professionals often work hand and hand with each other. It is not either, or if you want to properly care for your skin. Dermatologists can verify your condition and prescribe medications but do not always know how to advise on the best methods of treatment. They also check for other more dangerous conditions such as cancer which makes a minimal yearly visit very important. Estheticians, on the other hand, provide daily care instructions with cosmetic products to assist in making your skin condition healthier.  

Facials are another frivolous pampering routine: False
     Although facials are pampering they are more importantly beneficial to having the best skin possible. Facials are mostly thought of as just another way of relaxing (which indeed they are relaxing involving gentle touch, neck and shoulder massaging and skin rejuvenating) although they also target and focus on correcting problem issues such as acne, dryness, aging, discolorations, etc. 

They are under looked for the most part as one client verified when walking away from her first facial. " I never realized how unhealthy my skin looked and felt before now. I defiantly have a new opinion of my whole skin care procedure."

At Nicole Jeffrey's we are proud to use the Bioelements line for our facial procdures and carry the full retail product line in our inventory. Bioelements is a natural skincare line that utilized different elements of nature to target various skin issues.

Daily skin care is most important yet the most commonly neglected step to healthy beautiful skin. Choosing the right products for your skin type and concerns should be done with a professional and used as directed.

Rachelle's Helpful Hint: Remember Witch Hazel is your best friend! Tone twice a day with this inexpensive product with an antiseptic to clear skin as well as balancing your PH for overall healthy skin daily!

Our Estheticians at Nicole Jeffrey's can assist in answering any questions you may have about the facial procedures offered or the Bioelements line. Estheticians also perform body waxing and make-up applications. (Be on the Look Out for the New TIGI line coming soon!) You are always welcome to call 330-733-0700, email or comment!

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