Thursday, July 28, 2011

Say Later Lather, And Beat the Heat!

We have been trained to consider a lather as a necessity to producing a clean outcome. Sulfate compounds found in many shampoos are the cause of both the lather and drier hair. Other moisturizing ingredients have to combat the lathering agent to make the hair healthy and properly conditioned.

Thermafuse understands the science of eliminating damaging sulfates to ensure a constructive heat beating products. If you use heat instruments on your hair (straighteners, blow driers, and curl irons) Thermafuse is fortified with a generous treatment technology to block any damage heat can cause. Thermafuse has been mentioned in Spirals of a Curly Girl and Friztastic posts although it is much more deserving of it's own feature.

Thermafuse has a hair product-line offering a variety of sulfate-free shampoos for all hair types and conditions. Maybe you can identify the correct product for you although you should always ask you stylist for recommendations.

Shampoos and Conditioners
          Moisture: For hydration to dry damaged hair
                          *Moisture conditioner also makes a great  
                            shaving cream!
          Color Care: For maintaining vivid and brilliant color from fading.
                           *Color Care Conditioner makes a great soak
                             for cuticles before a manicure!
          Strength: For enriching and rebuilding fragile hair
                           *During conditioning, wrap hair with towel or 
                             cover with a shower cap for a deeper
          Volume: For weightless plumping and volumizing flat hair.
                           *Use the shampoo a week before coloring
                             services for a better outcome!

Thermafuse offers styling products for all needs including gels, volumizers, and 
the top selling heat serum.

Ask your stylist what selection is best for you!
Check out their website to learn more about their product-line.

If you are a Joico lover that's okay too!
(We can't choose favorites, Joico will be equally featured in the future
so stay posted to learn about both brands)

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