Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fro No! Frizz-tastic Taming Tricks

It has been one hot, rainy, humid summer to say the least and we wanted to share a treatment that will make your beauty life easier and explore some of the best products on the market that will keep that frizz controlled.

Fun Fact: Hair can be thought of as dry skin. It needs constant moisture! When it is damp or rainy out, we experience frizzy hair because the hair it's self is attempting to grab the moisture out of the hair. Similar to a flower reaching for sun light. If we treat to hair and moisturize it, the hair will not need to search for the moisture from the air therefore reducing frizz.

Quick Tip: Gina, our Joico educator, suggests leave in conditioners of the Deva Curl line for curly haired girls. It doesn't make sense to put lotion on your skin before getting in the shower, so why condition your hair and proceed to wash it out?

Latest and Greatest
There has been a lot of talk in the beauty industry about the new Keratin Straightening Treatments. We are proud to offer a treatment that has been very successful in decreasing the amount of time needed in the mirror wrestling with a straighter. Lasting an average of 4 months holding straighter softer hair. Talk about getting rid of frizz! This treatment is safe and approved by happy clients. One client raved after her visit with Beth for her Keratin..."GREAT JOB BETH! Love my hair- I was so skeptical but you made a believer out of me!!" 

This treatment is most suited for naturally wavy, of frizzy hair. If you are burdened by a straightener every day or get headaches trying to figure out how to tame you mane, this option is for you.  The treatment includes a hair cut and bottle of shampoo! Be sure to talk to your stylist to learn more!

It's time to get your strands on some great products to help your hair beat the heat!

Four of our best shared secrets available at Nicole Jeffrey's:

Best Seller! Thermafuse Heat Serum: Use before drying with an option to reapply at ends sparingly after dry. It may come in a small bottle but it is a mighty product.

Kenra Styling Creme: Versatile styling product, apply to damp hair and style normally.

Tigi Bed Head After Party: Apply to dry hair and use sparingly from end to root.

Deva Curl Angel Gel: For naturally curly girls, apply to wet hair before defusing or air drying.

Tip of the week: Always blow out hair down the hair shaft to avoid influencing frizz from the drying process. *Recommended by Valerie

Be sure to take a peak next week when we dive into the new Deva Curl cutting technique in our "Spirals of a Curly Girl" post!


  1. Great tips!
    Is Deva Curl ok to use on children?

  2. Great question, Deva curl is absolutely safe to use on children. It is very natural and it actually eliminates the chemicals that are not necessary for the cleansing process. We highly recommend this product for anyone with curly hair. Be sure to take a look at today's post "Spirals of a Curly Girl" for more on Deva Curl.