Friday, May 25, 2012

Why you Should Get Serious About Your Skincare

Face to Face with Facial Benefits
Why you should get serious about your skin!
The benefits of a regularly scheduled facial go far beyond the element of relaxation. If you think about it, our faces take some of the biggest beatings as we roam about our daily lives. We may affect our skin by applying makeup, or by forgetting SPF protection. Sweating and habits of touching your face will also add to the buildup within pores that lead to unwanted blemishes. Skin is effected by other elements such as hormones and seasonal changes and it is best to cater your routine to its changing characteristics to have the best results. 

We cannot emphasize the amount of knowledge that is gained from having a facial. Not only is it pampering, but it serves as an avenue for raising awareness and educating you about your skin. It has been found that many individuals are confusing their skin by using the wrong cleansers.

Your Mirror Cannot Tell You Everything
Your mirror does not know what your skin needs because many of the ways skin is damaged is not easily visible in plan sight. Coming for a facial at Nicole Jeffrey's you will receive a skin analysis (as pictured above) from your professional Esthetician and through this technology you will both be able to identify what areas of your face have different needs.

Custom Blended Facial for Your Best Results 
There are different zones on your face that tend to have different needs and during your facial your skin analysis this becomes more evident. Whether you want to eliminate oil, moisturize dry skin, clear acne, smooth wrinkles, or protect from sunspot damage etc, we can help. Once you and your Esthetician discuss the best treatment plan, they will educate you a little more about the product they are custom blending for you. They will give you a copy of your skin analysis form as well as a suggested at home care instructions to further your skins health daily. 
Product is a Necessity Not Just a Plus
Bioelements is trusted by professionals for a good reason. The strength of the product to show results is incredible hence why we were not afraid to introduce our Fast Results Facial -- in just 30 minutes you can see and feel a difference but if that is true think of what we can do in an hour! The Bioelements website can give you more information if you are doing research from home on some of the products that can help you although we still recommend our professional opinion before purchasing just to be sure you are getting the most out of your product. Your future skin analysis will show your improvements as well when you conduct your routine daily. 

Join the Club!
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What do you do?
PRE SCHEDULE your next 6- Hour Custom Blended Facial appointments

What do you get?
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Rules to be in the club:
1. Must pre schedule a minimum of 6 appointments (every 3-4 weeks) 
2. Must be able to attend your set appointment and if you are unable, you may refer a friend in your spot that would be a new potential facial club member therefore they will receive your discount. 
3. No sharing of facial club intentionally with another individual (only refer someone if you absolutely cannot make your appointment) Abusing your membership will exclude you from future savings.
4. Be ready to see results and have the best skin of your life!

Call 330-733-0700 to join the club or if you have questions

See you next week while we roll out a new hair product line that we are excited about!

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