Friday, May 11, 2012

Go Grey and Love the Way you Look

Grey hair is one of those embrace or maintain struggles that effects all men and women at some point in time. There are consequences to deciding either way as well as benefits, so it is best to weigh the option that fits you best. Grey today gone tomorrow is not quite the most common option any more. In recent years due to a mix of the economy down turn and celebrity endorsement, grey is making a come back as well as finding new ways to simply blend in. How you feel about it may vary but we would like to explore some options to avoid a black attack in search of youth again.
Operation grey is underway, now here are some popular options:

Run for Cover 
Tending to grey hair by covering it up is a very popular option. Hair color is not a new idea, there were several techniques that even the Egyptians used to portray themselves at different societal statures.

Pros: Feel confident and return to your youth. Today the purpose of hair color is all about preference. What suits our personality, skin tone, and eye color best is always recommended. As for covering grey, it is good to be natural about it. Throwing a flat black color on to cover roots is not always better than going natural but keeping natural and following the suggestions of the professional stylist will leave you with beautiful, glowing results.

Cons: One word, maintenance. You will be visiting the salon often but at the same time if you enjoy your stylist and staff that is not such a bad thing after all.

Blend is the Trend
This option brings out he best of both worlds for a lot of people. If your hair is taking a grey of whit natural turn a blending of hi-lights or low-lights. Celebrities are embracing the natural look and wearing it well.
 Pros: Even the hair coloring industry can identify with the benefits of having a "Touch of Grey". Upkeep is not as often and this option allows for a gradual covering or uncovering of grey if desired to make a change. Mixing the colors is flattering and gives the hair a very dynamic and with the perfect textured cut from your professional stylist you will be looking better than ever.

Cons: Maintenance is still required but not as often as a full color. You must be confident to show off your natural beauty a little bit but why wouldn't you feel your best with perfectly blended beauty?

Not Phased by Greys
Grey and white hair has become so desirable even the youthful Kelly Osbourne and singer Pink have reached to a new level of hair coloring by turning to grey for their most recent styles. Meryl Streep looked fabulous in "The Devil Wears Prada" natural do. 

Pros: Natural grey and white hair is complimenting to your skin tone and flaunts your confidence in a refreshing natural way. Real, natural beauty is often disguised by makeup and hair color and it is about time we feel beautiful naturally.

Cons: I can not twist having a renewed confidence and saving money into a con, therefore I am defeated on identifying a con. Happy beauty!

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