Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hollywood Ombre Highlights make a Nicole Jeffrey's Appearance

 Have you seen this new "Ombre" 
highlight trend around Hollywood? 
This look was originated to recreate a California surfer look. Sun kissed hair with a beautiful natural looking bohemian wave is it's intended style. Ombre is French for shaded. Notice the top of the hair is darker with a subtle shade difference highlighted through the bottom for a very natural feel. This highlight also provides a renewed youth to your hair to restore the days spent in the sun as a child. Normally the "grown out roots look" is not a fashion forward statement. Luckily with the Ombre technique you can blend in with Hollywood's finest.
The technique behind this new highlighting is very unique and leads to beautiful results when executed correctly. Gina, our Joice Educator and Salon Manager has practiced this technique and is spreading the Hollywood statement hair around the Greater Akron area. Get beach babe hair in North East Ohio!

 Don't go overboard with contrast. 
The beauty of the Ombre highlight is ruined with incorrect shading. 
This should still be a highlighting technique not a defined layered coloring.

Want the bohemian curl too?
Barrel curl styling will do the trick.  
 Part your hair all the way down the middle to the back. Take little pieces and work your way up to the front wrapping the hair back around the outside of the curling iron. If you choose to invest in a single barrel curler (as pictured) then you will see the best results. 
Key to the curl: Make sure your twist the hair into a small rope with your hands before wrapping around the iron for a looser  natural wave.

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Dont Forget
Let us help you get disguised for Halloween! 

Available Service's 
Hair (simple styling)                                                   $20+ with Valerie
Make-up (non scary unless you bring your own makeup) $15 with Valerie
Fake Lashes                                       $15
 Colored Hair Extensions (each)          $10 

Hair Tinsel (per strand)                       $4
  Nail Art (per nail)                                $3+
Spray Tan                                            $30
Wig Application                                   $5+ 

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