Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's Make Up a Costume This Halloween

Let us get you all dolled up for Halloween with some glamorous costume makeup. 

Would you rather strut your stuff than look like a scare?

Check Out Nicole Jeffrey's Glam Costume Make-up Ideas! 

Jersey Shore Cast 
 All drama here when it comes to colors used and don't forget the lashes!
 Makeup by: Valerie

We were missing the wig here to really make the look 
but this make-up speaks to the power and beauty Cleopatra held.
Makeup by: Valerie

Other Glamour Ideas Include:
Red red lips and dark eye liner will make this look.
Add a 50's Hollywood touch with a beauty mark.

Lady Gaga
This look depends a lot on which outfit you are trying to match
 but luckily there are a lot of options!
 The more lash the better. Good thing we have some fake lashes available.
 Pink Pucker
Electrifying Lightning Bolt
The key to any great Gaga makeup look is to really focus on the eye's.
Long lashes, possibly an extreme color and pick a shape. She is edgy, 
original, and not afraid of any makeup monstrosity. 

No tv character trumps Mimi when it comes to 
making an extreme makeup (and fashion) fopa...all the time.
It's all about the blue, and let's not forget to darken those brows.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to costume makeup.
We have some great Halloween idea's to help you pull your look together!
Schedule your Halloween Makeover!
Hair (simple styling)                                                   $20+ with Valerie
Make-up (non scary unless you bring your own makeup) $15 with Valerie
Fake Lashes                                      $15
Colored Hair Extensions (each)    $10 

Hair Tinsel (per strand)                 $4
Nail Art (per nail)                          $3+
Spray Tan                                        $30
Wig Application                              $5+ 

Check back next week for our Halloween Hair and Nail ideas. 

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