Thursday, March 1, 2012

More to Massage than Meets the Mind

Everyone loves being pampered with a massage, right?

Of course! But there is more to it than that!

Depending on your therapeutic or tension needs, your massage therapist can adjust their stroke, pressure, and technique to give you a specialized treatment. 

Although familiar in the salon and spa world, massage has proven to have a place in chiropractic and other medical practices because of having such profound benefits.

What Are Your Needs?

Tension Relief 
Back Ache 
Athletic Therapy
Joint Pain

is that all?

Did you know?
Massage can also help relieve:

Head aches by releasing tension
Insomnia by calming nerves
Poor Circulation 
Arthritis pain through joint relaxation
Prenatal swelling and de-stress 

Now, considering all the benefits, next week it will be time to look into what type of massage is best for you!

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