Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Massage Breaking News

Welcome Karla to our massage team! 
Check out her profile and out other staff on our website. 

Nicole Jeffrey's is always changing it up and improving our services
 to give you the difference you deserve! 

We are happy to announce a new innovative massage device we will be utilizing in the near future. More information will be to follow in next weeks blog post. Be sure to drop back and learn about this shocking news! 

Also next week we will be introducing a month of massage in more than one way. 
You will be walked through the relaxation, combination, and deep tissue, massage techniques and benefits along with learning more on therapeutic massage, reiki, reflexology, and hot stone. 


A routine massage benefit's more than you would expect and we will tell you how all Massage March. 

Call 330-733-0700 to book a massage now! 

Be on the look out for next week's exclusive details

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