Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fight the Spring Forward with a Gain in 8 Hours of Sleep!

Don't let the "Spring Forward" get you behind on sleep.

Do you dread losing that hour of sleep?
Let us rejuvenate you with an hour massage, equivalent to 8 hours of sleep! 

We have just what you are looking for: 

Head to Feet Fabulous Feelings

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage 
-smooth flowing strokes
-relaxes muscles
-relieves stress 

Combination Massage 
-mixture of focused pressure and relaxation
-manipulates ares in need to relieve tension 
-catered to your bodies needs

Deep Tissue Massage
-therapeutic for athletes and labor workers
-targets pressure 
-loosens muscles
*Massage Therapist Massage of Choice*

Hot Stone Massage
-warms and relaxes muscles
-improves circulation
-calms nervous system

-work on the hands and feet 
-helps relieve behavioral and physical problems
-increases blood flow to feet, brain, kidneySaved's and intestine's
Check out this great interactive chart 

-spiritual healing along with emotional and physical
-creates a positive energy flow
-mind and body whole self healing

This Massage Month Special Includes $10 OFF a 1hour massage with Karla our new massage therapist! 
You must mention the discount to receive the offer at the register. 

Call 330-733-0700 to book your appointment in March! 

Check back next week for some electrifying massage news! 

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