Thursday, September 1, 2011

Joico's Super Hero Powers, Rescuing One Strand at a Time!

Joico is our leading salon brand from our shampoos to our color formulas. I never understood the significance of my hair products ingredients until our Joico educator, Gina, explained how important it is to be informed.

Joico's slogan is "The Art of Healthy Hair". They exercise their slogan very literally. Not only is it an art, but it's a science of healthy hair they have perfected through their continuous research and dedication to quality. Nicole Jeffrey's stands strongly behind Joico is because they go above and beyond when constructing their product's ability to restore moisture, add body, and maintain a lasting hair color. Joico can confidently offer those perks because of their practice of "The Art (and science) of Healthy Hair". They break down the correct molecules and measure accurate protein balances that will not just restore but it will actually reconstruct the hair from the inside out.

Currently Joico's K-Pak line offers the most reconstruction to the hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner Products Include:

   K-Pak Color Therapy- Ensures lasting color and treatment of damaged hair
   K-Pak Reconstruct- Implements deep penetration and reconstruction of the hair
   K-Pak Clarifying- Assisting damaged hair
   Moisture Recovery- Moisturizes dry hair
   Color Endure- Secures long lasting color
   Silk results- Encourages smoothing of frazzled hair
   Body Luxe- Boosts body and thickens hair

All are fortified with the proper complex of ingredients to treat and restore your hair to your hairs needs.

Joico is launching a couple NEW products this month that we are very excited about!

K-Pak Revitaluxe Restorative Treatment instantly revitalizes, nourishes, and repair's damaged hair! It delivers complete restoration and hydration to damaged. Not only does it correct years of damage, but it prevents future damage as well as it reconstructs the hair to protect it's self.

Look for this liquid gold at Nicole Jeffrey's very soon!

Cure your Frizz with Smooth Cure. Smooth hair for any type of wear, straight, defused, or curly. This product is sulfate free and contains the new  KeraShield Complex, a unique blend that nourishes, hydrates, strengthens and protects. KeraShield Complex contains:

• Tucuma Butter: for moisture
• Brazilian Nut Oil: antioxidants, to restore the appearance of damaged dehydrated hair
• Hydrolyzed Keratin: to repel humidity and protect against color fading.
• Quadramine Complex, Joico’s proprietary blend of  proteins that protect and reconstruct hair from the inside out.

Joico offers a large selection of styling products for all hair styles so be sure to ask your stylist what products will help transform your hair to it's healthiest.

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Check back next week for our post on Fall Trends. Introducing the cool fall colors and sleek styles to look for. Change your hair with the seasons.

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