Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trick Out Your Tips, Fall in Love with Nail Art This Autumn!

Nail art is a practice of endless possibility. If you think that "endless possibility" is an extreme statement, than prove me wrong after viewing this master piece by Cathrine Wong which is Kentucky Derby themed.

Don't get me wrong, this is a bit over the top, but now you have a better idea of just how much creativity can go into nail art. The most difficult part is thinking of a design. Luckily, you can always get inspiration from the thousands of nail artists who post their creations in this great online gallery. 

Nicole Jeffrey's might be an acrylic free salon, although do not under estimate our nail art skills. We are embracing the bedazzling nail industry with these new additions to our art department. Nail jewels and inlays! 

Nail art can be a very individual project featuring personal expression therefore
 Lisa our lovely nail technician has provided some basics on DIY nail art! 

At Home Tips: Wash hands thoroughly, pick out your favorite polish, polish as usual and dry completely. Using craft acrylic paint, experiment with stripes, polka dots, or other designs. Don't worry about messing up, a mistake is easy to fix by wiping over the nail with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. This will remove the art while keeping the polish in tact. After perfecting your design, use a top coat to seal your art. 
What a great way to start, or simply get your creative juices flowing! Although you now have some easy at home tips, there are still many benefits to having your nail art done professionally!
Professional Perks: One word....Shellac! Coming into the salon, you have greater access to higher quality techniques, products, and technicians. Just a hint about Shellac, it is a gel based polish that helps to strengthen and grow your own nail, unlike the damaging effects of acrylics. WE LOVE IT! Shellac, being a gel, wears very similarly to an acrylic, again minus the damage. It has a long wear life and ensures no chipping or smudging for at least two weeks. Shellac is a better nail art sealer than any regular top coat, ensuring a beautiful lasting design! The salon also has detailing supplies to use such as nail pens, gems, inlays and technicians have experience using layering techniques. 

Weather experimenting on your own or coming in for a manicure or pedicure, nail art can be a very therapeutic passtime, not to mention an avenue of expression. Whether you are walking at a breast cancer research event October 16th in Akron with the Nicole Jeffrey's Team (please contact us if you would like to join us) or you are a teacher embracing back to school, your nail art can speak your personality and charm. Even detailing just one finger per had is popular so have no fear if you are , remember the possibilities are endless! 

Passionate about Pedicures? We Are! 

Give your toes a taste of the season! We are proud to be introducing themed seasonal pedicures for each month. Get S'more September with a special snack and theme scented lotion. At a special rate you can schedule your themed pedicure once a month and you will be in for a treat! More information will be available soon providing info on each months theme and special pre-scheduling offers!

Look for next weeks post: Stick up for the Strand, Superhero Powers of Joico Hair Products. Protecting and strengthening hair against harsh heat and other hair bullies.

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