Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't Let the Cool Down Hang Your Skin Out to Dry

The best tricks of the trade to keep your skin smooth all winter long without old man winter drying you out!

Moisture VS Hydration
                          Moisturizing: Takes care or the outer (epidermal) layer of your 
                                             skin for smoothing and easily applicable makeup.
                          Hydration: Reflects having healthy skin through all the layers and 
                                           maintaining hydrated skin (dermal) from the inside out.

The award for the most common misunderstood  skin care term goes to... 

MISTAKE: Exfoliating methods are commonly thought of as a heavily textured products used to scratch dead skin away resulting in a smoother outer (epidermal) layer of skin.

TRUTH BE TOLD: Analysis of skin post scrub based elfoliants revealed more scratches in the dead skin layer rather than actually removing the skin.

ACCURATE: Exfoliating is most beneficial when an enzyme is used to eat away dead skin. This method is professionally recommended opposed to commercially pushed scrubs.

SPECIAL INGREDIENT: Look for either natural enzymes that exfoliate or AHA-Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is a chemical exfoliant. Either will strip the dead skin away in a non-abrasive manner. Lactic acid is another element to be aware of although it is recommended for professional use due to it's strength causing sensitivity to the sun. 

*Expert Opinion*
"Exfoliating with the correct products is the key to healthy skin"

Nicole Jeffrey's offers a quality Flash Foam Cleanser by Bio-Elements that both cleanses and exfoliates. Enhanced with the natural enzymes needed to create healthy hydrated skin. 
Your skin is the largest organ in your body and deserves your attention to keep it healthy and alive. 
Truth About Chap Stick 
 Keep your lips puckering all fall & winter long?
 Stop your lips from chapping and protect them throughout the entire season

Maintain:Exfoliating your lips is the key keeping them kissable. After brushing your teeth, use a separate new hard bristled tooth brush with a small dab of white tooth paste and massage on the lips as an exfoliator. Then rinse off and continue as needed. This technique removes dead skin cells and maintains smoothness.  

Treatment: If chapping does occur, vitamin E is the best treatment element. Using a vitamin E capsule, puncture the capsule open and rub a small dab of the vitamin E on your lips. (Extra Benefits: can be used around the bags of eyes and a small amount on eye lids if dryness is felt in the eyes) Limit use to an as needed basis due to high concentration. 

Protect: Chap stick is best used to protect lips from damage because most contain no curing agents. The vaseline consistency seals and prevents dryness to already soft lips. Applying chap stick to chapped lips only seals in and maintains chapped lips. 

NEW Facial Prices!!!
With the hustle and bustle of the winter season on the horizon, we wanted to make sure you found time to pamper yourself without breaking the bank! 

Intro to Bio-Elements-(1/2 hour)                   $30
Bio-Elements Calming Facial-(1 hour)         $45

Specialty: (1 hour)
Skin Treatment for Men                              $60
Acne Clearing                                               $65
 Pumice Peel                                                   $70       
                                            (Manual Midrodermabrassion Treatment)   
Double Surface Peeling Treatment              $65
Stress Solution Spa Facial                             $60
Oxygenation Facial                                        $60
Vitamineral Power Facial                               $65
Urban Detox Post-Op Facial                          $60
Lightplex Pigment Balancing Treatment       $70
Flaxx-C Anti-Aging Facial                              $85

Call 330-733-0700 to set up your facial and experience the difference you deserve! 

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Check in next week for our Fall Homecoming Updo, Makeup, and Style Trends

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