Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Dream of TIGI Cosmetics and Wake up with Bed Head

TIGI has recently released a brand new cosmetic-line that we are very excited to share with you!

What is every woman's makeup checklist?
             Long wearing lip color?
             Puckering lip gloss?
             Eye popping eye liners?
             Color flaunting eye shadows?
             Light and natural mineral infused foundation?
             Beautifying blushes?
             Longer lash defining mascara?
             You want it, TIGI's got it!

We have the entire line available to you now. We can not wait to complete your new hair-do or your post facial pampering with a touch of TIGI.

What a Deal! 
Buy any 2 TIGI cosmetic items and get a Bed Head hair spray FREE! 
(either Masterpiece or Hard Head)

I personally had the opportunity to receive a makeup make-over from Valerie, one of our skilled make-up artists.

Here is my Before...Don't Laugh, I admit I needed help!

TIP Makeup 101: Moisturizing before applying make-up will increase the hold of the makeup.

Tip from Valerie: A makeup primer is a great tool to create a clean even base for flawless makeup.

Foundation:  My lesson started with a light layer of foundation to event my tone and hide pesty blemishes. Having a fair skin tone we decided to go with the Mineral Tint "Cameo Glow". All the mineral tint foundations are a light cream base. I was skeptical because I am used to a powder (which is also available) but the mineral tint impressed me by being very light and comfortably wearable. It smoothed out my tone perfectly. I few brushes of the Dual Bronzer and I was glowing. Tip from Valerie: Dual Bronzer is a great alternative to blush for a great summer glow. 

Eye Shadow: Next, I was educated on the layer effects of eye-shadow. I have naturally deep set eyes and, with no technique, would slap a layer of grey shadow all over my lid and be done with it. Ending up with raccoon eyes I suppose that was not the best. Valerie had me explore some lighter shades for brightening and opening my eyes. We started with a Longwearing Cream Eyeshadow "Bubbly". It was a beautiful base color! Valerie worked in shading with the High Density Single Eye Shadows "Champagne" and "Vanilla". Tip from April: For over 40 women, keep shimmer to a minimum to avoid accentuating any wrinkles!

Smokey Eye Tip from Valerie: To keep skin clean while doing a smokey eye, apply a layer of loose powder under the eye. This will catch any shadow from falling to your cheek and settling in your skin. 

After completing your smokey look, gentle brush away extra powder and fallen shadow.

Eye Liner: My blue eyes needed a pop of color. The "Peacock" Perfect Eyeliner did the trick followed by the Precision Black Eyeliner to define my lid line. This was very easy to apply because of the fine tip!

Mascara: Luscious lashes are every girls desire and TIGI has two very lengthening, and defining mascaras. Eyes Love It in a brown and black, and Lash Love in black which I had the opportunity to try. Marie, one of our stylists, said "I am not easily impressed by mascara, but this is amazing" when referring to these products. 

Last but not least...

Lips: I am not a lipstick wearer although I am considering with our new Decadent Lipstick colors. For my makeover I used the "Maui" Lip Creme for a boost of color. The "Diamonds & Pearls" Lipgloss polished off my whole look with a pucker. Tip from April: Leave any powder on lips, it acts as a  base so that your lip colors do not migrate.


Thank you Valerie!
 I am now educated and have so many great products to work with!

Call 330-733-0700 to schedule a makeup application or makeup lesson 
with our beautiful TIGI cosmetic-line.
Don't forget about our buy 2 get a hair spray FREE deal!!! 

See you at the Cut-a-Thon for Officer Mark Dodez this SUNDAY August 14th 12-6pm 
Cut-Shampoo-Blow dry-Brow Wax-Pedi Soak-Polish Change-Facial-Massage
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Check in next week for our Cut-A-Thon results!

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