Thursday, January 16, 2014

Easy Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are so easy and turn your hair from drab to fab! YouTube tutorials have made it super easy to learn new styles. These braided hairstyles will help you dress up/down your outfits! Check them out and see which one you'll be rocking next!


The sock bun is easy to do and makes you look super cute and classy. If you want to go all out, try the braided sock bun! It will give you a little extra fun to your bun.


This hairstyle is so cute! It's sort of like the "braided headband" but it goes all the way around, like a halo. This type of braid can be sort of tricky at first, youtube can come to your rescue! Ask your hairstylist the next time your in the salon to help with this look.


The high pony is great to rock when you're on the go. It gives you a sleek, sexy look! This is an easier way to perfecting the fishtail. The high pony helps keep your hair in place while you braid it down. 


There's not much explaining that's needed for this one. Like the name suggests, this braided hairstyle goes on and on and on. Be patient the outcome will be fantastic! Try practicing on someone else to perfect this look.


The zipped up braid leads up to the bun, and is such a cute detail. If you're sitting in front of someone or walking, at least the person behind you can appreciate the effort you put into your hair. This is easy and will get you tons of compliments. 


You definitely need a lot of hair for this style. It's just one super long braid that swirls around your head. The detail in this style is beautiful! If you have a special event coming up, this look might be for you.


How cute is this style? It's similar to the French braid, but has its own sort of twist to it. The style looks like each strand is knotted together! If you want to rock this look, find tutorials online! You'll have this style down in no time.
These seven braided hairstyles are awesome. Which style did you love the most, and where would you wear it to? Make sure to ask your hairstylist the next time your in Nicole Jeffrey's for help starting you off on this braided adventure!

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