Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reverse Your Hair From Ageing!

Let's face it. The hair you had as a child is not the same as the hair you had as a teenager. Your teenager hair is not quite what you hair feels like in your 50's and when it goes grey it get's dry, and course losing all of it's youthful luster.

Natural changes in your body, diet and other factors effect the amount of vital lipids nourishing your hair. As you age those vital lipids decrease leaving your hair course, brittle, and dull. 

Luckily Joico color has the lowest levels of ammonia is enhanced with all the reconstructing lipids your hair needs to stay youthful. Joico's color Age Defying line 100% covers gray and restores your hair to the old smooth shine that you used to know. The replenishing of lipids, anti-oxidants, and keratin protein makes Joico's moto come to life. They truly make hair care an art. 

Joico, the art of healthy hair. 

Check back next Thursday for our next Nicole Jeffrey's Hair Brained Idea!

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