Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hair Goes Nothing

Finally! Time to dive into our Hair Brained Ideas!

Thanks to our very own Beth Murray, the blog has a name, "Nicole Jeffrey's Hair Brained Ideas". We clearly have creative juices with or without hair in the picture!

We look forward to brushing through tricks of the trade to help you tame your mane, along with highlighting strands of beauty products and providing the buzz of the salon so you never have to question what is going on! 

             Look For These Hair Brained Themes Coming Soon:

                     -Red, White and Shattered
                             o   Express your freedom with festive 4th of July nail art
                             o   Fro no! Tricks to keeping control of your hair beyond the humidity
                     -Spirals of a Curly Girl
                             o    Wear your hair curly? Why cut it straight? We don't!
                                   Check out our curl by curl cutting technique by Deva Curl
                     -Face the Facts: Facial Truths
                              o    Fear not facial facts that will have your pores begging you to book
                                    an appointment           
                     -Later Lather!
                              o    A squirt about shampoos most unnecessary ingredient and
                                    why you can say, sayonara suds!
                     .......And much much more!!!

Keeping you posted is in-style! We would love to hear about what you are interested in so please feel free to post, comment, share or just let us know what you want to hear about. 

Look for the "Red White and Shattered" Post on Thursday June 30th!!!

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